Billy Ray Deiz – Lover Of Music Still Churning Out Hits

Once music is in your blood there is no transfusion that can get rid of it.  Having success early can sometimes make you think it will never end.  In any music career there will be ups and downs but when you truly enjoy making music it will never actually feel like work.  One who seems to really enjoy it is Billy Ray Deiz.

Billy Ray Deiz

The songwriter has been around music for most of his life, having played in bands since his teens. He was a founding member of The Seven Souls, one of L-A’s hottest bands in the ‘60s and early ‘70s and actually the band that launched Bob Welch on his career with Fleetwood Mac.

Over the years Billy Ray Deiz continued to write songs and found his true calling in the Blues Rock genre.  His songs have been picked up by some of the most influential people in the industry such as Nashville producer Clifford Goldmacher and legendary producer Stuart Epps from London.  This has helped Billy get some real traction over the last few years and he seems to be picking up steam.

The latest song by Billy Ray Deiz is the strong “Look Out My Window (Freedom’s Song)”.  The powerful vocals build a deep bond as the soundscape is filled with an assortment of Blues vibes from a bunch of different instruments.  The guitars and keys wail in and out grabbing the listener’s attention and pushing the song forward.  You will find your head bopping and lip curling as you listen.  

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