Rhythm Express Hits Soulful Notes

Rhythm Express

By Emma Cohen of Indie Band Guru

The Rhythm Express’ new single, “Soul Nation (Under One Vibration),” brings together not only a large group of artists, musical styles and eras, as well. The references to James Brown, Sly & the Family Stone, Parliament Funkadelic and The Supremes can all be heard as well as felt.

Rhythm Express — Big Group, Big Sound

This is not the Rhythm Express’ first go around, as each branch of this musical tree has years of experience. This is evident in “Soul Nation (Under One Vibration),” a song filled with expertise and talent.

Channeling a blend of 1970s-era and loud New Orleans funk, The Rhythm Express’ new track “Soul Nation (Under One Vibration)” is a modern twist on a classic dance genre. The entertaining big band feel made me want to dance more and more with each beat, while the deep throaty vocals reminded me of the late James Brown.

The vocals on the track are immersive and made me feel as if I was a part of the group singing along. “Soul Nation (Under One Vibration)” utilizes a large variety of instruments to craft its sound, creating a rich texture that only adds to the overall listening experience.

I was deeply impressed by how all of the sounds, which appeared almost chaotic at first, came together to form a beautifully, happy melody, filled with joyfulness and life.

Horns Bring It Home

My personal favorite touch to this track were the horns. Horns are pretty scarce in most modern music, so it was a treat to my ears to listen to them accompany the music so well. The song definitely lives up to its title, “Soul Nation (Under One Vibration),” in all ways.

Lots of rhythm texture, fast tempo, lively vocals, and a consistent upbeat mood make this song one which will never get old.

Listen to “Soul Nation (Under One Vibration)” here.


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