Go10 – Top Producer Showing Off His Variety


The real backbone of a song often gets overlooked.  The beat and production is what takes a song from an idea in your head to a full masterpiece ready for the mainstream to hear.  WIth the amount of bedroom producers nowadays this often gets forgotten.  A talented producer can make a song truly shine.  A good example is our friend Go10 of FNS Music Group.

The rapper, producer, and songwriter has been involved with a wide range of albums and beat collections such as 10 beats 4 you (Instrumental Album) by Go10, GroundKontrol by Northstar Warriorz, UnderWorld Tha Movement MIXTAPE By Uzi, and Fluent Harmonics(Instrumental Album) with production from T-Jilla of Dynamik duo.  

The music of Go10 is strongly inspired by The Rza, J-dilla, Outkast, Three 6 Mafia and Deadmau5.  He is able to dive in and out of various genres to pull out music that is truly unique.  Go10 offers a laid back production style has a futuristic vibe to it especially with the way he weaves in samples.  

The latest release by Go10 is the single “Vertigo” through his Dynamic Duo partnership.  Take a listen here:


It is a hot dance track that blurs the lines of the Dancehall, Electronic, and Party Pop genres to create something fresh and different.  The spacy sounds build up an atmosphere that lead the listener right to the catchy hook.  There is something here for everyone to enjoy.  

Go sample some more sounds at: http://fnsmusicgroup.com/

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