Manje Khan – Passion For The Hip Hop Craft

If you feel a passion for music at a young age you must pursue it.  Too many talented individuals let their gifts go unused because of the obstacles that life can throw at us.  If you stick with something you love it will never seem like the work you put in is too much.  Our recent find Manje Khan knows this well.

Manje Khan

The hip hop artist who now resides in Atlanta, Georgia, always had an ear for music. As young as eight, he would always write his own rhymes on songs he heard over the radio.  Manje Khan is also known by his given name Justin Chibuikem Egbufoama.  He has earned experience everywhere he has been, from the slums of Nigeria to the campus of Georgia State University.  His passion from the hip hop game blossomed and Manje Khan dove in full force to build his own hip-hop empire.  

Currently he is hard at work on an upcoming EP.  The first single “Survive” has already been released to show off what Manje Khan has to offer.  



The beat will capture your attention right from the start with its unique sound.  The smooth delivery of the vocals blends in perfectly drawing you into the lyrics.  Manje’s ability to raise and lower the tempo with just his voice is impressive.  

Learn more about Manje Khan and keep up with his newest music at:

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