Birdtalker Talks Truth in Debut EP


Alternative with the slightest hint of folk, Birdtalker is incredibly unique. Forming originally as a side project between husband and wife, Birdtalker was made with love. These Nashville natives give us vulnerability, but in the brightest way. They’re on a mission to give it to us straight, and their debut EP Just This does just that.

Just This exudes maturity. Birdtalker feeds us these life lessons while still maintaining an easygoing sound. They slip it in everywhere from choruses like “leave what’s heavy behind” to verses like “peace, you told me, I’m only here to reveal / Where you’ve been stuck and where you’re going if you’re lookin’ to heal.”

Birdtalker also explores adulthood. Not just the fun parts either. They take us through these sad moments, but they don’t make us feel sad. In fact it seems like they make it feel like the opposite. We hear haunting lyrics like “And now I stand tall / Used to think my sorrow was a brick wall / Made me want to curl up in a tight ball / Self-pity dealer,” but their style makes it seem like something you can still sway to. Just This shows just how easy it is for them to make these sharp lyrics sound bright like a summer day.

Another thing Just This highlights is Birdtalker’s undeniable chemistry. Their musical chemistry alone could knock us off our feet. The band as a whole never seems to hesitate. Everything plays out naturally and that in itself is amazing. There never seems to be a strum out of place, even in the unique introduction of “Father Texas,” where Zack Green shows off his falsetto in front of a very plucky backing. They play around with this folk/alternative hybrid with ease and that makes it incredible to listen to.

And don’t even get me started on the harmonies. This is another major thing that makes Birdtalker so top-notch. Dani and Zack Green’s voices blend together absolutely effortlessly. It all comes together without one sound overpowering the other. Their voices alone sound rich and warm, but together with the band Birdtalker makes something else altogether. They all play off one another in the most enduring way.

Birdtalker Keeps it Light in Single

Take “Graveclothes,” for example. This track was one of Just This’s singles and rightfully so. Everything I mentioned Birdtalker wowing me with is here. It capitalizes on how well the band plays together, the harmonies make me swoon, and the lyrics are encouraging.

They take such sad subject matter and turn it into something light. Birdtalkers sing, “Shake your graveclothes / Thoughts you’re thinkin’ make you feel like you’re dead” and it feels like they really want to pick you up.

Birdtalker plays this out purposefully. We don’t realize they’ve taken us on this emotional journey until it’s done.

Birdtalker makes it feel fulfilling. They make it all feel like something, and that’s why Just This was such a successful debut. It definitely makes me curious to see what they put out next.

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