Fingermouse & Rubberneck Blend Styles With Samsquantch

Fingermouse & Rubberneck

All throughout history, we have seen dynamic duos. Bonnie & Clyde, Batman & Robin, Tom & Jerry (eh, kinda). Now we have Fingermouse & Rubberneck. This pair consists of vocalist/rhythm guitarist Tom Few and bassist/harmonica player/vocalist Simon Murfitt.

This Cambridge-based duo has a sound that is proclaimed as “seventies meets nineties” and also is described as a blend of EDM and hip-hop production — which, I mean, come on, what could be bad about that? Reading that already made me excited to listen to their new upcoming EP Samsquantch, which releases on September 4.

Starting off the record, we have “The Mouse (Radio Edit)” which starts off as a slightly up-tempo tune that is the perfect summer jam. The vocals begin very shortly after the track starts and have a very classic yet modern sound to them. It’s a very funky tune that will get your head nodding and your foot tapping.

The instruments in this track blend together very nicely and have almost a slightly sleuth-like vibe to them. It almost feels like this track could be used in a spy movie with the way that the beat seems to flow so steadily.

Fingermouse & Rubberneck Get Groovy

The very prominent English accent that is featured in the vocals blend together very nicely with the tempo of the track overall, and although the lyrics are a little more than slightly confusing, there’s something extremely catchy about them that makes you want to put this one on repeat.

There are 4 more unique songs on this EP that are equally as catchy as this one, with titles such as “What You Want” and “Out In The Heat.” I must say, this is one album that you won’t want to miss out on. There is also the uncut version of “The Mouse” which you’ll be able to hear once the EP comes out.

Check out a preview of Samsquantch over on SoundCloud.


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