Killing Floor Floors in New EP ‘Tongue Tied’

Killing Floor

The real life themes of rebellion, broken hearts, and the fight to move forward are woven together in an alternative rock sound in Tongue Tied, a new EP by The Killing Floor.

A Band Created by Destiny

The band came together after members Mark and Oliver Alberici from London met Marco Argiro from New York City after they found out they had the same producer and love of the same type of music.

The band quickly started working together and released their debut self-titled album in 2011, touring multiple countries soon thereafter. Their American and British rock influence grabbed worldwide recognition, receiving praise from the public and the press alike. They spent much of 2015 back in the studios of Brighton, England, Nashville, and NYC creating their next piece of work.

Late last year, with its US release, “Corruption Capital” became the first single from Tongue Tied.

Killing Floor has Everything to Say 

Don’t we all find ourselves tongue tied in this day in age? No means yes and yes means no, and sometimes we forget then remember later. Sometimes we have nothing to say at all. Tongue Tied brings lyrics about the things we face today that sometimes leave us with no words. But that’s okay, because The Killing Floor says it for us.

“Corruption Capital” gives a political message with a rock sound that makes you bang your head to the lyrics of this pissed off beat. “We’ll storm the city walls, tear them down” ring in your ears as The Killing Floor delivers an unapologetic rock sound. But not such a hard rock sound where you can’t understand the lyrics and hear their melodic delivery. There is a message to be heard.

“Catalina” is my favorite from the album because the band’s sound softens down and you can truly hear the talent from Argiro. The lyrics “You’re the ghost that stole my heart” speak to so many things. The Killing Floor has a sound reminiscent of The Killers and The Foo Fighters.

The world needs more music that stands for something and speaks the truth. Tongue Tied is honest and opinionated showcasing of The Killing Floor’s ability to reach across multiple rock sub-genres and sounds. Their lyrics touch on current events but also bring back rock’s “express yourself and go with it” presence.

The band showcased at this year’s SXSW 2016 and will be heading to the East Coast this September for a tour in support of their upcoming full length album, Antisocialmedia.

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