The ‘Sunny Disposition’ of Blake Anthony Robson

Blake Anthony Robson

2017 saw the release of Blake Anthony Robson’s stunning solo album The Monster’s Sleeping. It showcased a musician who blended blues and Americana with a dark undertone. “Crates and Lead” highlights the talent that he possesses, in which you can hear his influences Johnny Cash and Jack White.


While on the road to promote his release, he brought together a band to add a fuller sound. This new dynamic led to a fresh collection of songs, including the latest “Sunny Disposition”. It also saw them deliver an edgier Americana vibe. This slight change in direction also brought an added depth to the music with some great work on the guitars and drums.


It is difficult to drag the spotlight away from Robson when he performs. He has a Jack White-like presence with his tone, a huge compliment. The chorus “Darlin’ your trust is misplaced / and all I want / Is to die with a / die with a / die with a / smile on my face” highlights that bluesy swagger at work. It is that special quality that makes this song a must to check out.

Just listen to a Blake Anthony Robson sing and you will be hooked


If “Sunny Disposition” has left you hungry for more, don’t worry. Robson’s follow up album Mother’s On A Date Tonight will be released later in the year. From this track alone, it is difficult not to have high expectations with music this good.