Booker Brooks Shows Us “Sober”

Booker Brooks, of Christchurch New Zealand brings us a new track with his single, “Sober.” The song both serves as a powerful metaphor for a toxic relationship, as well as being a strong artistic statement exemplifying his personal style. He is reminiscent of other artists who pushed the limits of their genre, such as Bon Iver, Phoebe Bridgers, and Ben Howard. His sound is unique and boundary-pushing while retaining a familiarity that draws the listener in.

“Sober” starts off with Brooks over a simple beat, his voice is soft but full of emotion. The song explodes into a poppy chorus, the contrast drives home the cathartic release in the lyrics. Acoustic guitar and shimmering keys reinforce the bright tone and create a catchy, exciting blend of sounds.

The bridge of the song refreshes the energy of the track. Changing up the pace before building back into the energy of the chorus. With a short and cathartic passage, Brooks reinvigorates the song and further develops the narrative. The metaphor for “Sober” is made stronger as he battles with returning to the toxic relationship.

“Sober” is one of the singles from Booker Brooks upcoming debut album. If you enjoyed this track check out some of his other work, like his previous single “Childs Mind.” Play the single on your favorite platform here:

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