How To boost your performance on Spotify with Streambeet


One service in the music industry that has tremendously risen over the past decade is music streaming. Music enthusiasts all over the world have embraced this technology in an exponential way and the number is still growing. This trend has also created an opportunity for music artists to get their music heard by the masses. Now artists have an effective platform to showcase their work to numerous music enthusiasts all over the world. This technology has immensely eradicated and improved the dynamics of the entertainment industry – particularly the music industry. This trend has led to the emergence of a lot of streaming services, and this leaves the artist confused.


However, one service that has always stayed on top of their game is Spotify. I bet you already know this if you are a music enthusiast. Hitting a milestone of over 10 million people subscribing, Spotify has undoubtedly changed the way music streaming is done and the majority of music enthusiasts are loving and I bet you do too. Spotify allows you to search for your desired artist, album, track, and playlist. This way, the listeners and followers are happy finding exactly what they want.


As good as it sounds to promote your music, it takes quite an effort to successfully make this platform work for you. Getting your tracks placed on Spotify playlists, growing your plays, followers, and listeners is usually a challenge. Your success on Spotify comes down to tactical marketing, whether it is for organic Spotify promotion or a paid option. It would be a lie to say that all of these processes would be easy. The truth is that it sometimes gets frustrating, especially when at the end of the day, the results are not commensurate. This is where a company like Streambeet comes in.


One of the questions always asked by a lot of artists on Spotify is how they can easily get noticed and effectively leverage the platform. While there is no one-size-fits-all technique, there are certain measures that can guarantee amazing results.


How to boost your Performance on Spotify

Push it on your Personal Network

Spotify can be likened to your regular social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the rest. So the way you increase your followers on these social media is similar to Spotify. This may require running some sponsored posts, coupled with some organic efforts like including a link to your Spotify account on all your social channels, with a call to action beside it. A technique that you may need to consider (though it sounds too direct) is taking advantage of your friends and followers on your social media accounts. Put together a nice draft message and send out each and every one of them, politely asking for their follows. You may need to include why they should, to make it even more effective. You can also get in touch with your local independent cafes and shops, bars, and other venues, and request for a shuffling.


Get a Website/Blog

While this is not a must, it has a lot of advantages. Your website allows you an added platform on which you promote on. To leverage on your website, get the embedded code provided by Spotify and put on your websites. This automatically provides a Spotify Play Button. This way, your fans and visitors can have access to your discography and playlists directly from your websites. The more traffic you’re able to draw to your site monthly via targeted keywords, the more Spotify monthly listeners you’re likely to have. This process is not difficult at all; all you need to do is to right-click on your desired album, playlist or track and copy the embedded. The link is automatically copied to your clipboard. Now you can paste it on your website.


Frequent Playlist Updates

An essential practice for growing your Spotify followers is to frequently update your playlists. This goes a long way to giving it a refreshing look and keeping the music updated for your Spotify listeners. With this technique, you are one step ahead on staying top in your genre. Your fans and listeners have something to hold onto and look forward to more updates. Your account must never be empty; endeavor to have at the nearest minimum  12 playlists available for public viewing. When you playlists are consistently updated with new tracks, your fans are most likely to take you seriously. Every time this happens, your update appears that lets your fans know with a notification.


Always Share

On the Spotify platform, there is always an option to share your updates. Doing this provides more exposure for you. This way, your fans can be notified of your updates even if they are not presently on the Spotify platform. The share button is usually located at the top of the page. An alternative could be to right click on the desired title, then copy and paste the link across your social platforms. Don’t forget to always include a nice friendly text when doing this. it makes your story can stand out amongst the rest. This way, they are more likely to share and engage with your text.


Email Blasts

There are a couple of email messaging platforms out there that are either free or very affordable at least for your first few contacts. You can hop over such platforms and set up a campaign to as many email contacts you have. If you already have contacts in your Gmail, you can import from there into your MailChimp account and create a list. Put up a nice pitch about you and your genre, ask for follows. Hopefully, if done well, you just might get lucky. This is usually an automated process, once you get used to the emailing platform.


Get active on the Spotify Community

In order to get the best form the Spotify platform, you may need to join their community. In the Spotify community, there is a provision for posting your playlist to the Spotify Playlist Exchange. Ensure that you include a nice description that will interest other members of the same genre. Also, you can tag related genre for more visibility. Don’t forget to engage with threads of other curators; drop comments behind and attach your playlist.


Influencer Marketing

A major trend in today’s marketing is leveraging on influencers. You can contact popular bloggers and influencers in the industry and preferably similar genre and propose a playlist takeover or collaboration with them. A popular platform for contacting influencers is You can also encourage them to post about your playlists on their social media profiles.


The Foundation of a Successful Spotify Promotion

Have you observed that a lot of people love to provide support to something that has a mission or a goal? This mindset is very essential in winning your game on Spotify. You probably are already aware of the benefits of having a goal. From keeping you focused and undistracted, helping you avoid procrastination, to giving you motivation, and lots more. However, having a goal also influences the extent to which people buy into your offering. People don’t like to follow like that, they are more likely to follow you when there is a strong reason to why they should be loyal to you.


Before you begin hitting people up, asking and expecting them to follow you, you need to put together a why they should. Have an objective every time you are doing your Spotify promotions – whether on Spotify itself or other platforms. Don’t just bump in on people and say follow me on Spotify; rather tell them a story or what their followership is going to help you achieve. Present to them a goal or mission, and afterward ask for their support by following you. That makes a lot of sense in appealing to them and probably will get you over ten times the result or engagement. Be as creative as you want to be with this and see your performance scaling.


Don’t Forget to Measure

It is just enough to implement a plan towards your promotions, a primary consideration should also be measuring your success. One of the benefits derived from this activity is the mistakes we learn from. There are always things to learn from any campaign performed. You can discover these mistake when you take your time to measure your results. This is where you know whether you’re on your way to reaching your objective; you know what’s working and what is not working particularly for you. The insights gained from this activity is priceless and should be adhered to.

There are a couple of analytics software programs you can take advantage of. However, one I would recommend because of its effectiveness compared to the fact that it is free is the Next Big Cloud. This platform provides data on your streaming, followership growth and generally how effective your campaigns are. Like I mentioned earlier, what is not working should be discontinued and more attention given to what seems to be working.


Streambeet Can Help

Other than being the most effective, Streambeet is also one of the most affordable platforms for your Spotify promotion services. No matter how much you scourge the numerous article available online about growing your Spotify results, you’re still going to struggle with keeping up with the results. If you’re lucky enough, you could take a few months, and if you’re not, then we will be talking in terms of years then. Don’t feel too bad for yourself!

The reason it will take such a long period is simple: you just are not up enough on the best practices and techniques. It takes time to get acquainted with these techniques. So, if you have all the time  (months and probably years) to spend learning the processes, by all means, do it. But on the other hand, you are looking for rapid and worthwhile results, you want to consider getting the help of a reputable company. This is where Streambeet comes in.


Over the years, Streambeet has helped numerous artists and labels grow their playlists. The beautiful thing about this growth is that it happens within just a few days. You’re probably thinking it sounds too good to be true right? But there’s just no better way to say it. The secret to our success with artists is that we know what works, and we put it to work for them. Our results are genuine and original. Spotify has ways of finding out if your account was built on fake users and that is the end of your account.


There is no denying that the music streaming industry is growing at an exponential rate. With platforms like Spotify paving the way, it is only wise that any artiste that desires to… should hop on the platform and leverage on it for exposure. If you don’t know how to make this happen, no need to panic, Streambeet is here to help. Streambeet guarantees to boost your Spotify plays and get your songs placed on Spotify playlists, grow followers, and monthly listeners. It may even help you to buy monthly listeners and expand your reach faster. The campaigns are tactically crafted and implemented and result-oriented.


If you’re ready to say goodbye to struggling for growth, Streambeet is one platform you want to take advantage of. They are one of a kind in the industry when it comes to growing your Spotify plays and followers. Streambeet employs strategic tactics that dramatically boosts your Spotify account growth with ease.


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