Brian Charles Tischleder Shares “I Can’t Breathe”

Without a doubt 2020 was a jarring year for Americans. COVID-19 decimated families and Americans watched the wrongful death of George Floyd first hand. His death sparked mass calls to end police brutality and cries were heard throughout cities across the country. Artist Brian Charles Tischleder was particularly effected by seeing the hate and violence pouring throughout his hometown of Minneapolis. His heart ached alongside community, and he turned to music as his release.

“I Can’t Breathe” was the result of his writing. He saw desperation and heart ache throughout the streets that once were alive with music and passion.

“I watched Derek Chauvin kill George Floyd on the streets of my hometown, Minneapolis:  the town where I spent my youth-“ Brian says on “I Can’t Breathe.” “The music was the sound track of my town; it is how I remember my youth. But now Minneapolis, the home of Bob Dylan, Soul Asylum and Prince, was now the home of a murderous act of hate. Was Minneapolis always a hateful town? I am afraid of the answer. What can I do? What should I say? After much thought I wrote the song ‘I Can’t Breathe.‘”

Listen to “I Can’t Breathe” below

Brian’s vocals perfectly translate the sorrow that he feels within this chest. It’s clear that George Floyd’s murder was a moment that left a hefty scar on those in Minneapolis especially. Instrumentals also carry a somber tone, saxophone wailing above muted drums and strings.

“I Can’t Breathe” is a passionate work filled with emotion. Brian Charles Tischleder poured himself into this piece as he grieved. The result is a touching song worth listening and reflecting on.

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