The Greg Sherrod Band Asks’Do You Feel It?’

The Greg Sherrod Band

After way too long of a hiatus, live music is finally returning to our world. That experience has been solely lacking. The attempts at “virtual” performances was never an adequate replacement but it was all we had. The other option was recorded material. It is not many artists that can reproduce that live feel but our recent discovery The Greg Sherrod Band has found a way to do just that.

The band based in New Haven, Connecticut, is led by namesake Greg Sherrod. He has been singing his whole life, entertaining audiences throughout New England. From musical theater to singing with a variety of bands, Greg Sharrod was able to build a musical diversity. He created his own style of music that he calls “BluesnSoulnRocknRoll.” 

His new Greg Sherrod Band combines all these sounds with a group of hand-picked musicians that can handle it. Performing is the heart of the band. Entertaining and connecting with the audiences in an unpredictable way that keeps them coming back. 

The Greg Sherrod Band has been able to reproduce this live sound on their new record Do You Feel It? The 9 track album blends a variety of influences to fit within his BluesSoulRockNRoll sound. As the opening moments of “Rockstar” hit with the sound of a cowbell, we are transported to a local bar where the musical energy pours from the small stage. The energy of the title track “Do You Feel It?” continues this trend as a grinding guitar is underscored by an ass-shaking bass groove. Greg Sherrod pours his emotion fueled over the top of it all creating a full song. 

We take a dive into a more soulful pool with “Perfect Day.” The story of love not meant to be seems a little sad but the track puts a happy spin on it with some horns and a strong guitar solo added for good measure. 

We get 2 versions of “Cake” (Angel Food and Devil Food). The Blues come in hard on both takes as a steady beat is punctuated by harmonica and the attack of Greg’s powerful vocals. The party continues all the way to the closer “I’m Pulling For You.” There is a message of solidarity here that we can all succeed if we are willing to pick each other up. 

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