BRM – Music With A Positive Message


Everyone who makes music does it for different reasons.  There must be something behind a creative mind to drive it forward.  There are quite a few artists out there that choose to live their life for their God.  Our recent find BRM is doing this with music.

The goal of the project is to create Positive/Christian rap music done in a creative and fresh new way.  BRM pours experiences from his real life into his songs.  He has reached the point in this life to live for God.  It is clear when you listen to his music that their is joy within.  The goal of BRM is to share that joy through his music.  

He says “We all go through experiences in life and the direction and choices we make while going through our experiences are what defines us.”  The decisions we make will not always be the right ones but we learn from each one.  BRM leaves his path to God and hopes that the legacy he leaves behind with his music will please HIM.



The proof is out there with BRM’s latest track “God Is Like Whoa”.  The start creates an almost eerie tone with a dark piano melody.  What builds behind that is powerful.  BRM shows true attraction with his energetic flow.  Very talented friends Hilgy and JLove are invited in to add their verses to what becomes an intoxication song.  The beat weaves the listener into a trance to allow the focus to be on the flows.  

For now keep up with BRM at his REVERBNATION page.

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