Daisy Victoria Delivers Darkness on New EP

Daisy Victoria

Animal Lover, Daisy Victoria’s third EP since starting out in 2014, is unlike anything I have ever heard. Co-written with her brother Sam and produced by mix master Dan Austin (Pixies), the three-track album’s ludicrous lyrics, theatrical vocals, and pop rock rhythms demand that you open your ears.

Daisy Victoria — Not Afraid to Be Herself

Victoria, who describes herself as, “a socially anxious songwriter who lives in a Suffolk wood with her six chickens and OCD,” isn’t seeking anyone’s approval. Her music is dark, showy, and, at times downright bizarre, but it’s a sound distinctly her own.

Given the gothic album art, the opening of the title track was much more upbeat than I was expecting — with a guitar sequence almost reminiscent of classic Guns N’ Roses. Victoria’s voice chimes in to rattle off kooky lyrics and juxtapositions (“Sea cucumbers colonize his overflowing love / Capuchin monkeys sleeping across his unmade bed”) in an extravagant tone that reminded me of everybody’s favorite karaoke song, “I Believe in a Thing Called Love” by The Darkness.

The second track, “Holy Peace,” features the same furiously charging guitars underneath wildly oscillating vocals. This time, Victoria’s leap from crackled talk-singing to an extreme soprano reminded me of the interstellar sounds of Muse. It’s a brief track at 3:04, but delivers emotional intensity with every bar.

The final song, “Dark Water,” shifts away from vaudeville theatrics to deliver a more subdued rock ballad layered with enchanting vocal echoes. The verse lyrics cast shadows, repeating phrases like, “Dark water / Watery dark,” “Dark craving / Craving dark,” and “Dark well / Well in dark,” while the chorus contrasts them with allusions to shining light and burning flames.

Daisy Victoria has four upcoming UK tour dates planned through mid-October while she continues to focus on writing new songs. You can learn more about her on her Facebook page or stream Animal Lover on Spotify and Soundcloud.

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