Calle Ameln – Blending Easy Genres With Some Attitude

Music is music.  It doesn’t matter what genres you grew up on.  Your tastes and styles are allowed to change with age and in fact you are allowed to like many genres that may not particularly go together.  At Indie Band Guru we love all music and especially the development of an artist.  A great example is our recent find Calle Ameln.

Calle Ameln

The singer/songwriter hails from Sweden. Like many young musicians growing up in the Nordic country, his early experiences were in the hard rock and metal genres.  Swedish metal guitarists are some of the most technically skilled in the world.  As Calle Ameln aged, he discovered more of a love for the Country rock, Folk, and Americana styles.  He poured himself into this music and formed a blend of these with his own tough attitude to form his own unique style.  

Calle Ameln adds some attitude to Country Rock

Recently Calle Ameln released an EP titled Salty Dog to share his new music with the masses.  The 5 song record lays it all out there and fits right in his newfound genre.  On the opener “Is There A Chance” his vocals have that raw aggression in the verse but shows real sincerity and emotion as well.  The mellow piano sets a pretty background here too.  The storytelling of “I Built A Bar” is a real standout.  Calle Ameln tells an emotional story with words that paint a picture in many shades for the listener.  The title track “Salty Dog” is a more rocking country tune with a full soundscape pulling you along into his world.  Nice melodies that are very catchy.  This is a fun little record that could have come out of anywhere in the world and fit well.  

Calle Ameln is definitely an artist to keep an eye on.  See what’s next at:

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