Campfire Bob Brings You “Songs Of Healing”

Between COVID-19 and social injustices, many Americans are left feeling dismal and hopeless in 2020. Now more than ever before people are clinging to any sense of positivity and hope they can find. Campfire Bob, a singer/songwriter living in the Pacific Northwest, is aiming to bring that sense of healing with his music and actions. Dedicated to safe and inclusive community experiences, Campfire Bob gives you “Songs of Healing.”

“Songs of healing, songs of strength, songs to set you free.”

“Songs of Healing” was born from Campfire Bob’s dedication to continuing to learn and understand the human experience and how it connects to music. Through his travels and experiences, Bob was able to meet Ola Belle Reed, a renowned folk singer and banjo player. Ola Belle taught Bob many lessons and through them he learned about the life of a song in a person who sings and plays the song, and the balance needed in the heart of a songwriter. These moments inspired “Songs of Healing” and you can feel the warmth and sentiment shine through in this single.

“Songs of Healing” truly radiates the tranquility we all could use during these tumultuous times. Bob’s vocals are clean and crisp, carrying you through the inspirational track with great ease. But above the vocals, the instrumentals really take home the message within the song. The harmonica shines above the other instruments without stealing the spotlight, adding just the perfect amount of bright, cheeriness.

“Songs of Healing” is the folk track we need right now. There are the quintessential pieces of Campfire Bob and Ola Belle Reed within this track, making it a true delight for fans of the genre. Don’t miss out on Campfire Bob’s next journey.

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