Dream-Rock Band Candace is Chill and Atmospheric in ‘New Ruins’


Portland-based band Candace has that perfect dreamlike sound that wraps you up and lulls you into a peaceful, meditative state. In their brand new release, full-length album New Ruins, they draw you into an atmosphere that’s all their own.


Candace got their start back in 2009, under the name Is/Is. After a few releases under the name, more recent global events sparked a change to Candace. Their statement regarding the change is the perfect testament to who they are and what they reach for in their music.


“We hope that the new name will make room for us to be more of what we’ve always meant to be — a reflection of the good and small mysteries that make living worthwhile,” the band’s statement read.


And in fact, it’s an accurate and meaningful description. Through their dreamy sounds and atmospheric music, Candace transports listeners to a worthwhile place.


Candace’s Sound is Self-Described ‘Witchgaze’


In New Ruins, Candace is truly at their best.


Pushed by a steady momentum after their last album, the band headed to an old barn in the middle of nowhere outside Iowa City and hunkered down to write and record 12 songs all at once, nine of which you can find on the record. New Ruins, and it’s full of dreamy songs that blend seamlessly together.

The lead single is “Rewind,” a song that has a more prominent groove that nestles into a steady beat. It’s driven by an echo-y guitar riff that mimics parts of the vocal melodies. The strongest point in the song is the guitar solo that comes at the end, creating the perfect example of the band’s atmospheric quality.


Back in January, Candace released a music video for the track, and it’s a fitting visual representation of the soundscape in “Rewind.” The video quality itself evokes a nostalgic quality that really works with the band’s style, elevating it to another level.


A highlight from the album is “Waltz,” a steadily-swaying tune that evolves in its five-minute duration. A liberal use of reverb creates a complexity in layers that only grows, a common theme throughout the album. In this, Candace demonstrates their skill in sound manipulation, harmonies, and beautiful melodies.


All in all, New Ruins creates that perfect and gentle atmosphere that you never want to leave. It’s peaceful in some ways and nostalgic in others, but it’s all uniquely Candace.


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