It has been a long time coming but the movement to empower women has taken America and the world by storm recently. With today being International Women’s Day, we would like to feature an inspirational female artist. Please allow us to introduce Etana to the Indie Band Guru audience.


The Jamaican born artist has built up an amazing career in an all too often male-dominated industry. With a name like Etana, literally translating to “The Strong One” in Swahili, she was destined for great things. She is known as one of the strongest present day voices in Reggae. With the genre dominated by male artists, Etana has set herself apart with her talent and undeniable drive.


In her younger years, Etana had brushes with stardom from her backyard concerts in Jamaica to being chosen for a prefabricated all-female group in Miami. The fiercely independent artist only wanted to pursue a musical career on her terms. This dedication led to Etana being the first female artist in 20 years to reach the #1 spot on the Reggae Billboard Chart with her album I Rise.


Today (International Women’s Day), Etana is releasing her album Reggae Forever and embarking on a U.S. tour that sees her travel throughout the states alongside two times Grammy nominated J Boog. A European tour is soon to follow.



The 14 track record is an expanse to the Reggae genre with pop elements abound. This could catch even greater mainstream attention than her last record. The opener “Free Pt 2” sets the tone right away with Etana’s voice as the highlight over an interesting beat. Some excellently placed background vocals add to the celebration of freedom. There is a more standard Reggae sound on the positivity inducing “Spread Love.” The Caribbean flavor will have your body moving with a gentle sway like the palm trees in the wind.


Be Happy And ‘Reggae Forever’ With Etana


The reggae love song “You’re The One” shows how beautiful vocals can be in the genre when done right. The happy beat bops along as Etana sings. These vocals would work just as well over a Pop Music beat. The elegant guitar strum of “Soldier” continues strengthening the love theme as the groove draws up in.


The party returns on “No Money No Love” with big beats leading the charge. Nutty O is brought in on this one to take it to an even peppier level. Another head bopper here.


It all comes together on the closing track “Jah Love.” Beautiful vocals, intoxicating beat, and a bevy of instruments filling the speakers with a sense of joy and love. If music is supposed to make you happy, this record does that in spades. Be Happy!


Keep up with Etana on her WEBSITE.

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