Castle Finn Wants You To ‘Shine For Me’ – Interview

Castle Finn

Music comes to different people in different ways. There is a beauty in the fact that these artists are willing to share their creations for others to experience in their own unique way. We recently came across Patrick Murphy and his brand new project Castle Finn.

The newest single “Shine For Me” is a soulful indie rock track that has touches of classic psychedelic rock to spice it up. This innovative style lets the listener grab onto different pieces of the song and get sucked up into it. Whether it be the classic organ sound, the heartfelt vocals, or the catchy guitar riff, there is something here for all.

We had a chance to catch up with Patrick and dig a little deeper into the project. Enjoy the interview here:

First off, tell us about the name Castle Finn? 

I’m always curious what folks think when they hear it. For me, It’s a good place to get lost for awhile; it’s my sanctuary from the modern world, my safe place. I’m from a rural area called Castle Finn, so for me it represents the place that shaped me since I was a child: the wilderness of the area. It’s a special place of streams, forest, and critters and what not. It’s home.

How would describe your sound? 

I’m not really sure yet, my music is so young so I haven’t pinned it down, not that I really care to, other than for describing it. I’m curious what your thoughts are honestly.

But I’d say it is diverse and dynamic. Kind of soulful, but it has an edge too. 

Which artists have had the biggest influence on you? 

I love Jazz, Motown, Classic Rock and lots of Indie music and I think it all comes through at different points in each song.  I’d say My Morning Jacket, Andrew Bird, Bad Company, George Harrison, and Air are some of my bigger influences that come through but there are so many more.

What is your songwriting process? How does a song come together for Castle Finn?

First I like to meditate in some way firs t(exercise, meditation, hiking outside). Also, I need to be alone with no one else in the house or at least not in earshot. I just feel more free to let loose. Then, it almost always starts with a melody and then build a chord structure or a bass line. Bass guitar is where I derive a lot of creative joy: I just love playing bass. In songwriting, I’m always looking for what makes it evermore pleasurable to express.

What do you hope the listener will take away from one of your songs? 

“Shine for Me” is about hope itself. I hope it helps listeners open their minds to a better way of living, of seeing the world and seeing each other.

We hear you collaborate with some other talented musicians. Tell us about that? 

Well my sister is an amazingly talented person. She is in an Indie Folk duo called Woven Hollow. We tour together playing different instruments on each others songs along with our cousin Nate Staub. Nate is an incredibly talented musician and singer as well. I’ve learned so much from playing with each of them.

Share some advice for other artists creating unique music? 

Work hard but don’t kill the muse; foster joy in the process wherever you can. Take care of yourself and make time to have fun and get away from the music when you need to.

What does the future hold for Castle Finn? 

I plan to finish an album. I have 6 songs pretty well finished and many more ready to get cracked through the studio. Then, it’s time to find talented and dedicated musicians to play live with and create new music with. I’m planning to move into Champaign, IL soon so it’s time to dream the future into fruition!

Find more from Castle Finn here:

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