CC & The Boys Are “Tied up in You”

CC and The Boys

CC & The Boys have an incredible way of instantly making the listener feel like they are in for a whirlwind ride of fun. Even if the song is a little sad and forlorn. “Tied Up In You” is a catchy tune and reels in all the feels of what makes country music so enjoyable – love, guitars, pure vocals and tight overall band. 

CC & The Boys – comprised of Christine Cherry (vocals, songwriter), Eli Bridges (harmonica, vocals), Amos Rose (guitar, vocals) and Jon Wert (drums) hail from Alabama. Other members include Amos Rose, Eli Bridges, and Jon Wert (and later Bo Grady). The band now calls Manhattan, as in New York City, home base. Fans wishing that the core country sound not be jettisoned will not be disappointed. “Tied Up in You” champions the work of a band true to its country roots. 

The wordplay alone, with lyrics like “return my nonrefundable” heart and the way Cherry’s vocal command and prowess meanders through “crumblin’ and wonderin’ who you’re running to” gives the listener a bit of a peek into a heartbreak song. What gives this song more life, besides Cherry’s pretty voice, is the musical arrangement. There’s a brightness in the guitar and a sweeter sound in the riffs. The stirring percussion keeps time just right and doesn’t distract from Cherry’s range. She sounds like a cross between Sheryll Crow and Leeann Rimes. She has way more personality than Rimes but doesn’t quite have the sassiness of Miranda Lambert and the backing band does a great job of showcasing her strengths. Cherry does have a wholesomeness vibe to her voice. She’s not showy and her modesty suits her well. The band members are certainly not just background players – their presence is not only felt but the music in “Tied Up In You” is just as pivotal to Cherry’s voice. It’s evident the band blends with her voice.

“Tied Up In You” is a positive song! It does make you want to slow dance and get up out of your chair at some point. Again, the meaning is a bit sad, but it also prompts the listener to feel courageous and confident to move on and live! 

That instant rapport, that connection that this band seems to speak the universal language is just one caveat to “Tied Up in You” that makes it such a memorable tune. While the song doesn’t take too stark of liberties in branching out with outlandish guitar solos or brash lyrics, the song in distinctively unique. It definitely has a place on modern country radio and in the crowded world of Spotify playlists, surely this song has a place. Perhaps there’s a metaphor there of the band moving from Alabama to New York City – they seem to have found a way to make it through the rat race and as they say if you can make it in NYC, you can make it anywhere. Be on the lookout, music fans, CC & The Boys are a formidable power and should be on the radar for any fans of Dolly Parton, Reba McEntire, and Carrie Underwood.

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