Cozmic is ‘Not Ready For Summer’ Are You?


With summer finally here in the U.S., most people are making plans for exciting times and warm weather hijinx. Not everyone is in this happy place as demonstrated by the new single by Cozmic “Not Ready For Summer”.


The electro-pop music project known as Cozmic is the brainchild of Niche Tandon. The well-traveled artist splits his time between the warm beaches of Venice, California and hip city life of Brooklyn, NY. The sound he creates blends the best of pop music storytelling with electro-synth beats that grab attention. There is an energy here that is starting to spread.



The latest track by Cozmic “Not Ready For Summer” puts it all together as an alternative summer anthem that pulls you in and demands you pay attention to the lyrics. It tells the story of a young man who went through a recent breakup and is not quite ready to dive into the ‘best time of the year.’ Instead of enjoying all that summer has to offer, like the beach and partying with friends, he reminisces about his former lover and the things they did together.


This storytelling nature of Cozmic makes his music even more relatable. We have all been there, or know someone who has. His voice has a sultry effect that makes it seem as if everything will be OK even if it will take some time to get over it. The pulsating yet smooth beat works its way into your heart creating a mellow feel and true summer vibe. This is one you will find yourself listening to on repeat.


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