Meet the new Millennial Anthem “Evil” from CRANE


Being a millennial today is matched with criticism from older generations. From buying avocado toast to not buying houses, everything we do is met with negativity for an unknown reason. Music is one way we’ve chosen to speak out about the constant criticism. CRANE’s latest track “Evil” speaks up about this.

Co-written with the So-Cal pop songwriter Kyle Reynolds, “Evil” explores being young and being considered ‘evil’ by older generations or even people your age who disagree with your life choices. CRANE wants you to embrace the judgement that is constantly surrounding you.

“Evil” is that right amount of sounding like something you already know but has a new, different sound making it intriguing. Featuring elements of hip-hop and EDM that are huge parts of the 2017 music scene, it has an edge to it that competes with other alternative sounds. Taking influences from massive artists like Jon Bellion, Black Keys and Twenty One Pilots, CRANE pulls together all the elements that make each artist unique and twists it into their own sound.

Huge builds make it the perfect anthem for the millennial generation. Right before the chorus it going into a more half-time feel, with hand claps and cutting out all except a simple synth melody. It perfectly leads into the huge drop with lyrics “me and all my friends are evil.”

“Evil” from CRANE is a unique addition to the pop focused 2017 music scene.

CRANE is made up of central writer/vocalist/pianist/ guitarist Bobby Crane, Jesse Rhodes who does backup vocals and electric guitar, Jeremy Bauer on bass, and drummer Billy Parks. Only releasing their first single “Fast Life” in September 2016, CRANE has been creating a uplifting, fun and soulful tracks that take listeners through a range of genres and feelings.

After working tirelessly on a new record for over the year, the release of “Evil” is just the first step to the follow up to their six-song EP Fear of Flight. CRANE is working to release new material so be sure to keep your eye pealed on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and their website for more information.

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