déCollage Experimenting, Breaking New Ground


Experimentation is not only important to music, it’s crucial. New genres don’t develop and new styles aren’t explored without experimentation. And while some groups may fail at this, Denver-based group déCollage is clearly succeeding. Their latest album, Magnetize, is a true work of ingenious experimentation, and it’s an example of the rising popularity and influence of the psychedelic pop genre.

Their transcendental sound combined with electronica and a surrealist style results in a sound that is almost incomparable to any other band. Known for their particularly expressive shows, déCollage’s Magnetize is an equally interesting album. What makes the album even more eclectic is its use of seemingly random instrumentation (accordion, reed instruments, etc.) with synthesizers and other electronic instruments. It’s this kind of variety that ends up influencing genres in profound ways.

déCollage Push Boundaries Relentless on Magnetize

“Chrystal Choir” is one of the more characteristic songs on the album. Its new-age influences and mesmerizing tone combined with a subtle energy reminiscent of bands like Passion Pit. “Better Things Pt. 1” begins with JFK’s speech about the United States’ mission to the moon. Soulful vocals are backed with persistent, buzzing synthetics. It’s a weird combination, but it works really well. “Denver Hustle” sounds a lot like something by Foster the People, with its catchy rhythm and prominent bass.

“Better Things Reprise” is extremely short, at only 48 seconds, with an electronic melody and heavy drums and cymbals with contrasting soft vocals. “Rise Above” starts out with an acoustic guitar and piano intro and transitions back into electronica. The mantra “rise above” is repeated throughout the song, and is a universal mantra that, when applied to anyone’s life is relevant. And relevance is the key element of music and art.

When a band experiments with new styles, or tries to put a new spin on an old style, their taking a risk. However, no innovation is ever made if risks are not taken. Some bands end up falling out because their experiment failed. Other bands succeed because their experiment was a success. My verdict on déCollage’s Magnetize is that it is a smashing success.

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