Deezie Brown and Chris Bosh ‘Want It All’

Deezie Brown

Sometimes continuing to put in the hard work and effort into your music career is all you have. But being present and doing what you do is what will open doors and create opportunities. That chance can come when you least expect it to put you on the map. Our recent discovery Deezie Brown seems to be on his way with what could be his big break.

The Texas-based hip hop talent has been releasing records independently out of his small Austin suburb of Bastrop for a little while. Putting in the hard work got Deezie Brown on some local hip-hop radio shows featuring local talent. What he didn’t know at the time is that NBA superstar Chris Bosh was listening and looking for a collaborator to help pursue his lifetime musical passion. 

For the past two years, the pair have been working together to develop a unique sound. We have reached the culmination of this with the release of the single “I Want It All”. The track was written by Deezie Brown and produced by Chris Bosh. The head-bopping beat grabs you right from the start as the flow pushes the energy forward with its start-stop attack. The lyrics act as a tribute to the late great Kobe Bryant. The timing is perfect as well as his Los Angeles Lakers just won another NBA title again in this most interesting season. All the pieces are falling into place to get this song the exposure it deserves.

“I Want It All” is the first release from Daddy Jack Records, a boutique record company that intends to focus on quality and artistry on every record they release. Definitely a label to keep an eye on. 

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