Taking Center Stage Is Matty Marz With New Pop Single “MINE!”

Sharing his new open single “MINE!” is eccentric singer/songwriter Matty Marz. Described as a genre-bending pop singer, Marz is pulling his early inspiration from David Bowie, Pince, Lady Gaga, and so many more defining artists of their respective times to bring his music to life.

Matty Marz brought this bubblegum pop single into a finished project by writing and producing the track himself. He also put a lot of work into the visual aspect of the single that takes it to another level. 

“MINE!” by Matty Marz

“MINE!” is super catchy and a ton of likeness to it that makes it even more entertaining to listen to. Marz keeps things interesting with his thought-provoking lyrics that add more maturity to his overall sound. It’s a great song to keep spirits up in a musical sense, but with a more somber lyrical context that I think a lot of listeners will relate to.

Marz has “set his sights and aspirations on center stage: the world,” and we are all here for it, so give “MINE!” a listen and maybe even sing along!

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