Del Vertigo Shares ‘On The Day That You Come To’

Del Vertigo

On The Day That You Come To is the new EP from Del Vertigo. The sounds on this project are adventurous and experimental. This EP is a sort of spiritual exploration for the band, deeply bound to both humanity and nature. The majority of the project being recorded around Portland Oregon, but split around various studios.

The track that leads off this EP is “Obsidian Hills”, a slower paced that builds up with rock instrumentation. A repeating riff on mysterious sounding strings, supplemented by electric guitar that weaves a hypnotic texture. Pounding drums drive the song forward.

Following is “There’s A Glimmer In The Thicket”, a song written about inspired by the solar eclipse over Oregon that took place during 2017. The song reflects the ethereal nature of the event that inspired it, with synths floating over the music. The lyrics on this track are ruminating and reflective.

Listen To ‘On The Day You Come To’ Here

The EP Continues on to “In Dreams” an over 7 minute long odyssey. This track is varied instrumentation, bringing in brass to support the melody. The song melts away into subtle ambience in the second half, creating a soundscape reminiscent of film score.

“The Fall” follows tonally from “In Dream” building up out of silence into haunting and spacey textures. Vocals come in echoing over the electronic tones. guitar chords come shimmering all around with lush reverb blurring the lines between sounds.

This leads us into the title track “On The Day You Come To”, an indie-rock track that mixes styles and influences to craft a sound that is distinct. Rough and dirty sound of the garage-rock guitars and filtered vocals contrast with the tight drum beat and flowing tremolo and reverb on the mix.

If you enjoyed Del Vertigo’s On The Day That You Come To check out some Eric Schaffer’s other work. He has been consistently releasing interesting musical projects and has developed his own sound. Be sure to keep up with Del Vertigo and Eric Schaffer to see what he releases in the future.

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