Deltahorse Cross Transatlantic Lines for Upcoming Debut


Technological advances have made it incredibly easy to exchange information across far distances. From online college classes to international news to music streaming, information is able to pass so quickly between hands. The Deltahorse takes advantage of this technology in making their rocktronic, kind of eclectic music.

Founding member, bassist, and producer Sash from Berlin has gotten together with ex-Morphine saxophonist Dana Colley from Boston and Belfast’s vocalist Vadim Zeberg through file sharing to create a legitimate band dynamic. They’ve released two singles under the moniker The Deltahorse. The tracks are the lead singles for the aptly named Transatlantic, their full-length debut through the label Slower Faster. All of this has been achieved with little-to-no communication face-to-face, but through file sharing.

Deltahorse — Seamless Transatlantic Trio

The first track is “Call It a Day,” introduced by a bass/guitar/metal noise riff highlighted by the raspy, bluesy vocals courtesy of Zeberg. With big-band-esque saxophone harmonies, an overdriven guitar, and a half-industrial beat, this song draws influences from blues, rock, and gritty electronica, making for a positively interesting sound.

“Happy Heart (Can Go For Miles)” will be the second track in their upcoming debut. To start the song Dana’s bass saxophone and Sash’s bass guitar take the forefront, presenting a song much different than you’d expect after only reading the title. Their saucy duet is joined by Zeberg’s reverberating vocals, creating an image of the band smoking cigars and drinking whiskey while playing together. This cohesiveness is an incredible feat considering that the three artists live on different continents and don’t even perform live together.

You can stream The Deltahorse’s new singles “Call It a Day” above and “Happy Heart (Can Go For Miles)” on their Bandcamp page or on Soundcloud. If you like these tracks, make sure to stay tuned for their full-length debut Transatlantic, which releases this Friday, September 30.

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