Digital Joker Unveils “Spin Again ft Nathan Brumley”

Digital Joker

When you hear a thudding EDM track, you wouldn’t expect the creator to be on awaiting a kidney transplant and on constant dialysis. The latest track from producer Digital Joker, “Spin Again ft. Nathan Brumley” brings the party spirit straight to you, making wherever you’re listening to the track feel like a party was brought to you.

“Spin Again ft. Nathan Brumley” is packed full of dance energy. It has everything you’d expect from EDM giants Zedd or Martin Garrix– a thudding and catchy bassline, lyrics that get stuck in your head, and a party in your speakers.

Digital Joker packs EDM punch in “Spin Again ft. Nathan Brumley”

Nathan Brumley brings attention to the track, with his lyrics guiding the track up and down. Helping edge the drops and lifts for the track, the lyrics and sound his voice bring to the track complete it in a perfect way.

“This song flow blood in the veins on the dance floor and disco.”

Digital Joker on “Spin Again ft. Nathan Brumley”

The track comes off Digital Joker’s 2018 album Nathan & Domes via Domes Project Music Records.

Digital Joker, Dominik Tušinovský, has been a music producer since 2007. However, by age six discovered he was interested in the world of music. Born in the Czech Republic, Tušinovský had made music his life.

After a short break from music, Tušinovský came back under Domes Project. He has created over 300 songs, all of which can be found on his Spotify, under several different names. Tušinovský produces from EDM to pop, dance to moombahton, Reggaeton to trap, and future house.

In 2018, Tušinovský took the name Digital Joker for his latest project that fuses EDM, pop, dance, and future bass – all things you’d expect to hear at the next house party or club you attend.

Keep up with Digital Joker on Facebook, SoundCloud, Spotify, and Twitter.

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