DJ Brett – Bringing The Party To Chicago

DJ Brett

Music is a big part of any event.  Whether it be subtle background sounds to add a dark element or some in your face music to get the party bumping, we will always need musical accompaniment to everything we do.  We recently came across DJ Brett who definitely is meant to bring the party.

Hailing from Los Angeles, California where there is always a party atmosphere, Brett Walkow, aka DJ Brett has become quite well known.  He is in high demand all around the area and can be found at some of the biggest events.  DJ Brett has warmed up crowds at The Golden Globes and MTV events as well as clubs throughout Hollywood.  The LA Social Scene even selected his show as a “Pick of The Week”.  DJ Brett has never compromised his belief that people come to an event to lose themselves in the music. He has always pushed the envelope when it comes to creativity and originality never allowing himself to be categorized as a ‘typical top 40 DJ’.  No matter the event, DJ Brett always strives to take his rooms to somewhere they’ve never been for a night they will never forget.

Get Ready To Move With DJ Brett

The latest track spreading around town is DJ Brett’s mix of “Justin Timberlake / Can’t Stop This Feeling (The Kamikaze Cazzey mix)”.  He has taken what is a fun and bubbly song to the next level with a beat that makes everyone in the room want to shake their ass.  The breakdowns and samples pop up in just the right spots to let the crowd take a breath before jumping right back into the fray.  This is what a party song is supposed to be.

You can keep an eye and ear out for more music by DJ Brett at:

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