The New EP From Powerhouse Draemings Will Keep You Rocking


In a time when it seems that voicing our thoughts and emotions is more pertinent than ever, a very interesting band called DRÆMINGS has brought us just that. Having assembled as a solo act by lead singer Kimi, and finally grouping together as what we see today after sharing the very common feeling of heartbreak, the four-piece ensemble is set out to deliver the raw, emotional truth through their communal love of music. The group consists of lead singer Kimi Recor, bassist Thorson, guitarist Christopher Vick, and and drummer Nathaniel Meek. Looking through their Facebook page will reveal that their genre is self-described as “neon nightmare creature pop,” so with all of this in mind, I set out to explore their new self-titled EP.

After their first release, Nevada, it is only fitting that they jump into a self-titled album, which will only bring us more of that raw emotion. The EP consists of six tracks, the first titled “Fire in Hell.” The beginning of the track immediately kicks your ass and just might bust out your eardrums if the volume is all the way up (take it from my personal experience,) and fades into something much more mellow with a slight electronic/alternative sound. The vocals are smooth as butter and extremely melodic. By the time the chorus kicks in, you’re bobbing your head along to the beat, which meshes so well with the tempo in Recor’s voice.

Draemings’ latest EP has a little something for everyone

The second track, “Holy Land,” starts off with more of a 90’s alt rock sound that has that slightly angsty vibe to it, one that I can definitely appreciate as a lover of everything 90’s. The tempo remains consistent throughout the entire song, and picks up ever so slightly during the chorus. Overall, a very good listening experience that will keep your attention.

Finally, we have “Tides,” which I was very interested in hearing just from the title. It starts off very mellow, just as I suspected that it would, and by the time the vocals kick in, they seem to put you into a trance. There’s an echo after each sentence that lingers in your ears, a very beautiful melody tracing its way into your ear drums. It is very soft and mellow throughout, which is a big change from the other tracks on the EP, but it is certainly entrancing.

Overall, this EP left me feeling like I’ve just listened to multiple genres at once, which I definitely appreciate. A good listen from an even better group of artists.

Check out DRÆMINGS’ Facebook page for more of their sound and make sure to check out their self-titled EP, of course!

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