Joseph Pagano Keeping The Dream Alive

Joseph Pagano

Making music is a lifelong passion.  Even when life goes in different directions, the passion for creating your own personal sound never disappears.  So when the bug bites just get up and do it.  Whether the song is just for you or the whole world to hear doesn’t matter.  What matters is pursuing your musical passion.  New discovery Joseph Pagano is still living the dream and making music for all of us as well as himself.

The songwriter and guitarist hails from the classic heartland rock capital of New Jersey.  Joseph Pagano has been involved in the scene since his teenage years.  In fact, he played the guitar solo on N-Kuntrol’s 1985 dance hit single “Cecelia”.  He was in and out of some of the essential NJ bands of the time including Profile, Junior’s Farm, and Straight Shoot’r.  

The Music of Joseph Pagano Is Alive And Well

After taking much too long a time away from his musical dream to pursue a career in software, Joseph Pagano is back at it pouring out new music for the past few years and living the elder statesman rock star life.  2015 saw the release of two records, Graveyard Of Dreams and Time And Colors.  This new prolific musical output and the admiration of fans and critics has pushed him to continue writing songs and sharing them with this growing fanbase.



The latest one to really connect is “More Friends In Heaven (Than In Hell).”  The Americana and folk-based track shows a songwriting skill in Joseph Pagano that cannot be denied.  He brought in some local talent as well in Craig Bleifer, Gary Evans, and Rich Giancamilli to fill out the sound and make for a raucous tone where everyone is welcome to the party.  

There is an alt-country feel to the song as well which draws in even more fans and comparisons.  The fun guitar playing will have every listener ready to get up and dance along.

You can dive in and hear more from Joseph Pagano on his REVERBNATION page.

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