Duke – Using Social Media To Get His Trap Out There

Any music maker today must use all the tools at their disposal to get their music out there to the masses.  The internet and the many social media sites out there have made this easier and easier.  One artist that seems to be taking advantage of what is out there is our recent find Duke.

Duke Trap

The hip hop artist also known as Corey Miles Brown hails from Washington, DC.  Duke has dove deep into the Trap style that will make bodies move wherever they hear his songs.  Aside from making the music Duke made the connections and put in the work on every social media channel he could find such as Twitter, Facebook, Soundcloud, Coast2Coast, Spin up, Reverb Nation, etc.  This has given his songs the opportunity to be heard across the globe from Great Britain to Africa.  

Taking a peek into the Duke Soundcloud page you can discover exactly what he is going.  “Cash” lets the melody draw you into a head bopping vibe while Duke spits his unique lyrical style.  There is a more spacy feel to “Mafia”.  The odd sounds in the background make it stand out as a story is told to let the listener in.  The trap party continues on “”Does That” and “Straight There”.  The production is top notch and ready for the next level.

Take a listen HERE


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