Dynamos Proves They Have The ‘Knowledge’


Rock stars Dynamos return with a new single entitled “Knowledge” and it’s guaranteed to leave a mark. This is a band with a lot of different faces. One of the more notable characteristics they’ve displayed each time out is a passion for coloring traditional rock music tropes with a new coat of paint that’s a shade all their own.


Much of this is attributable to the presence of transformative singer/songwriter Nadia E, but the band is an equal partner in the success of their earlier single “Shake, Rattle, and Roll” as well as this latest release. It’s a punchy, rambunctious affair that makes a strong case for pouring old wine into new bottles and has a facility, both vocally and musically, with longstanding forms that somehow revitalizes them for a modern audience and impresses listeners with its apparent freshness. It’s no stretch to say “Knowledge” is a definite early contender for 2018’s best rock single.



Nadia’s singing and lyrical inventiveness are more than notable – they are the spark bringing “Knowledge” to a full fire. Whether or not it’s an illusion doesn’t matter; there’s an incredible live feel surrounding the performance of this song and the band sounds like they feed off the energy Nadia brings to both her singing and choices as a writer. She has enough vocal power, evidenced by her youthful education in opera singing, to simply bulldoze her way through the lyrics, but she never opts for this route. Instead, Nadia’s singing in full of evocative phrasing turns, tangible emotion, and a keen ear for what the song needs.


The smoky, bluesy atmospherics inhabiting her vocal range will make the experience of hearing her perform even more satisfying for many, but casual fans will appreciate her talents every bit as much. Nadia E. is definitely the burning heart of “Knowledge”, but she has an ace band playing alongside her.


Everything works in that department. The rhythm section of musical director/bassist Nick Schaadt and drummer Ian Nakazawa are a surging, forceful engine room for “Knowledge” while guitarists Jacob Mayeda and Carlos Barrera offer six-string work melding a restrained amount of flash with all-encompassing fundamentals that makes “Knowledge” a complete musical experience.


‘Knowledge’ by Dynamos Seems To Have It All


Schaadt’s bass playing opens the track and the thunderous tandem he makes with Nakazawa benefit from a mix rendering them one of the more physical rhythm section teams in rock today, bar none, and there are some spirited rock guitar flourishes and bluesier passages typifying the playing of Mayeda and Barrera firmly in keeping with what we’ve heard from Dynamos to this point while still exhibiting a clear personal touch. “Knowledge” is an outstanding second single from this Los Angeles band and will surely expand their public profile without ever dulling their discipline or ambition. These are great days for Dynamos and there are even greater days to come for this powerhouse five-piece band.


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     -review by Lance Wright

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