The Sound of ‘Pain’ and More from Eyal Erlich

eyal erlich

Capturing the emotions through folk and passion, singer-songwriter Eyal Erlich examines expression with captivating singles such as “Pain”.

Feel the emotional impact of ‘Pain’


Based in Tel Aviv, Israel, Erlich has a unique sound and contribution to folk, bringing an interesting perspective to his audience. Single “Pain” is a whirlwind of feelings and strength in guitar. The clarity of vocals adds to the precision of production. There are definite alt-folk vibes to the single as well as others such as “All in All” and “Rain”. While the simplistic tones and intentions are clear, influences vary. Blues is a heavy hitter in Erlich’s composure, especially seen in “It Don’t Seem Right”, a track that evokes emotion and an interesting journey through the mind as you listen.


The interactive component of Erlich’s songs is an open call for thought. Fans find themselves questioning their choices and feelings. Many learn they’re not alone-Erlich paints a picture of his pain to hundreds of thousands of listeners. Maybe this positive reception comes from the authentic vibes of songs like “Mourning Love”. Heartbreak is given the unique treatment of sound, another blues-intensive track. It could be the insightful lyricism, displayed over each track in a careful manner. It seems as though the artist matches each word with a different chord.


The difference is in the elegance and composure of Eyal Erlich


Even though Erlich’s sound has a certain distinction, for those with a taste of variety, there are a couple of feel-good notes in his repertoire for experimentation. For example, “Already In” starts with gospel-like melodies and harmonies. This assists in giving the mood a serene tone that could be missed in other songs. For example, “Rain” is an intensive experience, with multiple layers and vocal intensity never taking a break.


Sharing his love of music with the world seems to be one of Erlich’s gifts; with a debut record coming later this year, he shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. He will continue to tour Israel and play music festivals. Plans to play abroad are coming soon as well.

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