Elmo Karjalainen – Shred Guitarist Shows His Versatility

To become a truly expert musician you must be able to play your instrument in multiple styles.  It is best to change it up once in awhile and see what sticks with your fans as well as what style you enjoy playing the most, personally.  Our friend Elmo Karjalainen threw us a curve ball recently with an album quite different from his previous work.  

The guitar virtuoso from Finland is a well known shredder who has been playing since he could read.  Elmo became known for his skills with the Finnish metal band Deathlike Silence where his speed was legendary.  He has toured nationally with other bands through the years always open to experiencing more.  More recently Elmo Karjalainen won the Finnish Tilulilu shred guitar contest, and was featured in Yngwie Malmsteen’s Guitar Gods competition among the top 10.  There is more in him than just speed though.


The final week of 2015 saw Elmo Karjalainen release the solo album Where We Belong.  The 15 track record is quite the departure from what he is known for.  This album features next to no fast playing and instead lets the beauty of the instrument shine through in an acoustic experience.  As Elmo states “This record was written to escape a somewhat stressful reality. It contains long notes and lots of echo. For me it was music to get lost in”.  The opener and title track “Where We Belong” lets you know right away this is something different.  The slow melody is plucked away on an acoustic guitar letting it echo and speak for itself.  Elmo is able to tell a story with the instrument on “Lonely”.   It is as if you can feel the abandonment and want for company here.  There is a more rock feel present on “A Herd Of Monkeys” even without a big rhythm section behind him, Elmo is able to create an energy through this track.  The complex and contemplative tone continues through to the closer “The Smile In Her Eyes” which acts as a perfect ending for a relaxed and melodic filled listen.

Find out more and have a listen at: http://elmojk.com/

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