Take Your Empty Pockets and “Fill It Up”

Americana meets indie, The Empty Pockets are a beautifully complex act that can touch through to your spirit. Unequivocally thoughtful and powerful, this act has the ability to tie in elements of soul and blues from the past with the modern intricacies of alternative music today, making for a unique listening experience. With multiple lead vocalists, The Empty Pockets are able to keep you on your toes as a listener, hanging on every word and every perfectly timed harmony.

In the beginning of the year The Empty Pockets released a full length album titled Tanglewoods which has reached several different spots on various Billboard top charts. This album explores the serendipitous ways of the universe and how every path intertwines with purpose, pulling humans together and uniting them.

“Fill It Up” is a single off of Tanglewoods that perfectly displays all that The Empty Pockets are about. Vocalist, Erika Brett has a grit and power to her vocals that illuminate the entire song and perfectly compliment the cutting guitar riffs. “Fill It Up” is the edgy, country rock single you didn’t know you needed this summer. A perfect, windows down, sun-blazing single to empower you on any open road, you can feel every note of this song in your soul.

“You can take (take) all my money, you can break (break) all of my stuff, you can take the blood from my body, as long as I’ve got you I’ve got enough.”

Touching on the thrill associated with being with someone who lives life on the edge and loving every moment of it. Life keeps piling up and things can get chaotic, but with the right person alongside for the ride, it’s all well worth it. The lyrics tie in seamlessly with the crashing guitar throughout the song, creating an entire mood in four short minutes.

With so much momentum after the release of Tanglewoods you’re going to want to keep an eye on all that The Empty Pockets are up to. You can keep up with The Empty Pockets via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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