Euphemia Rise Create Art With “Farewell to Greatness”

The Brussels-based songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Wim Lankriet releases new single/music video “Farewell to Greatness” as Euphemia Rise. Their music is described as “dark twisted love songs come in a distinctive style that blends alternative rock with influences from atmospheric, psychedelic and experimental music.”

“Farewell to Greatness” single art

“Farewell to Greatness” has a very dark, but powerful presence about it from the very beginning of the track. There’s this chant-like high energy that surrounds the instrumentation. There’s a darker psychological aspect to the music video, which they also highlight in the music as well. Lankriet does a great job of showing his vulnerable side in the track, which he also brought to the music video.

Photo Credit: Wim Lankriet

Lastly, catch the music video for “Farewell to Greatness right here!

Wim Lankriet is a songwriter, guitarist, vocalist, and keyboard player. His iconic signature sound is brought to life by “mixing songwriting with influences from cinematic and experimental music.” Be sure to keep up with Euphemia Rise, and be sure to check out the music video for “Farewell to Greatness” as well!


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