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Everything But The Everything

An artist hoping for any kind of career in music must be open to enjoying the journey. Sometimes this means adapting and adjusting as time goes on. This is perfectly all right. Our recent discovery Everything But The Everything is a great example of rolling with the journey to find his fit in this wild world.

Growing up in Seaside, California in Monterey County, Izzy The Gent had his moment of inspiration when his parents took him to see the movie La Bamba (the Richie Valens biopic). From that point on he wanted to play music, especially guitar. Through the next few decades music would take Izzy in many different directions. From playing bass in punk bands, to being a house music DJ and promoter in San Francisco, to making some amazing connections, to playing with The Frail. Just being part of the diverse scenes was enough.

Now Izzy is focusing on his latest project Everything But The Everything. This is the first time he has taken the lead in the process and brings in top-notch collaborators to fill out the sound. The newest EP Rock N Roll ls A Feeling is another step in the journey. The 4 track record come together nicely as Everything But The Everything worked with a different collaborator on each track.

The opener “Intimacy” featuring Luke Sweeney sets the tone with a retro vibe that blends in modern elements to keep it unique. The haunting guitar adds an atmospheric layer that brings the listener deep inside. “Can’t Allow” with Tobias Hawkins keeps the same vibe but turns up the rock energy with a chugging beat and intoxicating bassline.

The only female vocals on the record are brought in by Sophia Prise on “The Story.” Her smooth rock vocals pair perfectly with the mass of sound filling the speakers. The punk vibe is alive and well. For the closer “Jump”, Vacances lends his talents over a melodic guitar line that lulls us into submission. Sit back and enjoy the ride.

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