Expedition Delta – Arena Prog Rock From Serbia

Expedition Delta

There are huge music scenes out there in other countries that don’t seem to pick up the same popularity in the rest of the world.  On the other hand there are fans of different styles of music all over the world.  Thanks to the power of the internet, a fan of a particular genre can now search the world for the best music of the genre no matter where it is based.  Luckily we discovered Expedition Delta to fill a need.

The project is the work of Srdjan Brankovic, founding member of Alogia.  They are the biggest prog-metal band ever to come out of Serbia.  We covered them before HERE.  With this latest work Expedition Delta, Srdjan blurs the genre lines between melodic arena rock and progressive rock.  Through his years of experience through a long list of popular bands playing gigantic shows and festivals, he has picked up amazing skills in songwriting and mastered the electric guitar.  

On May 27th, 2016 Expedition Delta released a new album for lovers of all music from the past 30 years.  There is definitely an 80’s rock vibe felt on the album reminiscent of arena-packing bands like Foreigner and Journey.  The opener “Spectacular” shows the fast paced grinding guitar pairing perfectly with the high-end vocals that seem to hit every note needed perfectly.  On “Thank You For The Good Times” a more modern rock sound emerges with a catchy beat that will draw the listener into the party atmosphere being provided by Expedition Delta.  A different side is shown on “Canis Major” with an elegant piano taking the lead to highlight some amazing musicianship.  “House Of God” leans toward Brankovic’s progressive metal days with powerful guitar shredding and pounding drums driving a song that will put an energy into anyone hearing it.  The album closes on that note as well with “Connected”.  The technical guitar prowess will make you want to bow in amazement.  

You can get a preview and buy the record on CD Baby HERE.

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