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First Hate

First Hate combines raw nostalgic emotion with ear-catching synthesizer in their debut album, “A Prayer For The Unemployed.” This is the male duo from Copenhagen’s first full-length album, following an array of widely listened to singles, such as “White Heron” and “Trojan Horse,” and two EP’s. First Hate’s first EP was released in 2014, but you’d never know how young the group is just from listening to them. “A Prayer For The Unemployed” is composed of 13 well-crafted tracks, encompassing a mixture of indie-pop-techno genres.

Each track embodies teenage angst portrayed through a pleasingly calm synth-based beat paralleling the pure emotional vocals. Listeners can vibe to this techno-pop album all night in a European club, because the keyboard heavy, steady beats make you want to close your eyes and feel the music. But, these catchy instrumentals and beautifully-formed harmonic vocals can really be appreciated anytime and anywhere.

The group incorporates everyday sounds into their beats, such as a stream of water, birds chirping, or the sound shoes make against a tile floor. The use of synthesizer on top of that truly sets First Hate apart from their peers. Track 10, “Supernumerary,” stands out the most in regards of synth, as the duo creates a deep, unexplainable sound that isn’t commonly heard, but is highly memorable. First Hate has figured out how to create catchy, memorable content that is uniquely their own and showcases their clever creativity.

Although First Hate may be way-out quirky, the duo has managed to create an inspiring album that is uniquely different, yet relatable.

Take for example track two, “Meditation (Interlude).” The interlude is phrased as a chant incorporating two voices echoing one another. As unconventional as this 31 second, reverb-heavy, chant-filled interlude is, First Hate has still sent out a positively inspirational and relatable message into the world. The words go as follows: “a song of hope for the ones who try. A prayer from the heart, for the tears we’ve cried. Longing to be heard, the voice inside. Listen with love, sing it with pride.


Additionally, the album also contains two of First Hate’s hit singles, “Copenhagen” and “The One.” First Hate has yet again created relatable content with lyrics that hit home and tug at the heartstrings of nostalgia, paired with enjoyably calming yet techno beats.

With each quirk and difference, First Hate has grabbed our attention and left us curiously eager to uncover the next song the whole way through listening to the album. First Hate is a young group, and they are just getting started.


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