Fate Under Fire Sultry Ask For ‘La La Love’

Fate Under Fire

It’s a mark of the talent of Fate Under Fire that they’ve been able to place their music with a number of feature-length and television productions while never compromising their musical vision. Instead, it’s easy to hear what draws those creators to using the Sacramento, California based band’s music.


The four-piece band serves up songs that possess a near grandeur in the way they sweep across listeners’ imaginations and lead singer David James shows off a real talent for connecting with audiences even one step removed through the medium of recording. “La La Love”, the band’s latest single, continues that trend with a profoundly entertaining and human offering with the same surging musical imagination characterizing the band’s best efforts thus far.


Fate Under Fire have released two EP’s thus far, both well received, and hearing this song gives the impression the band is building towards an even grander moment than this in the near future. No matter. The future is now for Fate Under Fire and they are brimming with potent creativity that will reach anyone who gives this tune a chance.


Enjoy the video for ‘La La Love’


David James has a perfect voice for reaching modern and, more often than not, jaded audiences. We’ve heard it all at this point; pop music isn’t the new kind of society’s entertainment block anymore and there truly is little new under the sun. What makes Fate Under Fire and their songs different than your typical fare is the direct pipeline they seem to establish between their music and the personalities/experiences going into its composition and performance.


Fate Under Fire and, specifically, David James do not sound like self-conscious entertainers and musicians openly looking to curry favor with their audiences; instead, they play and sound like they would be making this music for themselves even if no one was listening or bought a copy and it’s only a happy accident of sorts that we’re able to hear it at all and relate to its passions.


The fact that it manages to suggest and accomplish all of this in less than three and a half minutes is further testimony to their talents. They don’t sound like a band with a few singles and two EP’s under their creative belt; instead, “La La Love” sounds like a track from a veteran band who, harnessing years of experimentation and life experience, are delivering material that’s equally physical and unforgettable. This is music that engages both the body and imagination.


The emotional weight of the material comes largely from James’ singing and the warm sound of the material, but those strengths are never overwrought and it’s notable the band’s reach never exceeds its grasp. The power and finesse of Fate Under Fire’s “La La Land” cannot be denied and it definitely sounds like this California band is gaining more momentum with each new release. Let’s hope that there’s a full-length effort in their near future because that moment will likely propel them into the stratosphere.


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     -review by Eric Jarvis