Fidelity Project is ‘Out From Under’ The Covers

Fidelity Project

As an artist looking to create your own unique sound, you must be willing to borrow from the past and bring their own modern style to the table. Our recent discovery The Fidelity Project has built a sound that is reminiscent of the best of classic rock but new enough to make it all his own.


The music is the brainchild of native Southern Californian singer/songwriter Brian Hall. For the Fidelity Project, he has drawn from a varied group of influences of the most memorable music of the past and added his own melodic storytelling lyrics. Real life seems to be poured into his songwriting and it makes it relatable to all listeners.


Last week The Fidelity Project released the debut EP Out From Under. The 5-track record is the perfect introduction to what the project is capable of doing. Right from the opening song “Out West” we are greeted with a warm and welcoming tone to relax any weary mind. Multi-instrumentation fills the track.


The energy is turned up on the 2nd track “On The Way” as the peppy guitar line and sped up drumbeat get the blood flowing. There is a lot going on here in the multi-tracked vocals adding a group effect to the solo project of Fidelity Project.


Enjoy the elegant beauty of Fidelity Project


There is an elegant slow build to “Darkness Of The Sun” as Brian takes his time allowing each piece to find its own space in the beauty of the song. The heart is allowed to relax again as a perfect easy beach day song is provided.


For the closer “Distant Whisper” it all comes together with multiple textured layers filling the sonic space. The soars of the vocals bring us all to a higher plane confident that everything will be alright in the end. Happiness is a state of mind and the Fidelity Project has helped us get there.


Keep up with more soul searching sonic adventures on his INSTAGRAM.

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