Fisherkings – The Expansion Of Music


We are in a time when the music world has become much smaller and well connected.  It was only 10 years ago when a music fan was limited to either the mainstream radio being shoved down his throat or going out and seeing the bands in their own little local scene.  Now with the power and reach of the internet, you can discover a band from the other side of the world as easily as a band in your own backyard.  Our ears were opened recently to the sound of Fisherkings who are not exactly rocking the streets of New York City just yet.

The group hails from Gothenburg, Sweden.  Unfortunately, that is a place I have never been and have no idea what the music scene is like there.  But a few clicks on a computer and I have Fisherkings music right on my speakers.  The duo of Henrik Berg (vocals, guitar) and Stefan Rasmusson (lead guitar) pumps out a soulful acoustic sound that resonates no matter where you are listening to it.  There are elements of folk, country, blues, and the singer-songwriter genre scattered throughout their music.  

The Fisherkings have been releasing music through the Phunk !t Record label getting it out there for all to hear.  There is a beauty to the sound of “Come, Come, Come” in the melodic acoustic guitar and the bouncy vocal delivery.  The harmonies create a soft vibe that lets the listener directly into the singer’s heart.  There is a more funky and soulful side on “Take It Slowly”.  The groove-laden guitar line will have your head bobbing from start to finish.  The country influence creeps in on “Hold On” with a peppy guitar melody that will put a smile on any listener’s face.

It may be tough to see Fisherkings live at this point but you can hear them for yourself HERE.

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