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LA post-punk/alternative band Adult Books, has recently released their newest single and music video  “Florence” off their upcoming album Grecian Urn, set to release on March 26. 

Adult Books is based out of Los Angeles, California, and consists of childhood friends Nick Winfrey (creator, writer, multi-instrumentalist), Sina Salessi (drums), and Alex Galindo (guitar/synth). 

Their upcoming album Grecian Urn will be their biggest release since their hiatus in 2016, following the release of their debut album. 

Adult Books newest single and music video “Florence” talks about the feelings of being in the “talking” stage. Where getting to know someone and starting a new relationship can be absolutely amazing, yet incredibly anxiety-inducing at the same time. 

Check Out The Music Video For “Florence” Below:

Nick Winfrey was inspired to write this song after a past trip to Florence, Italy. He compared his feelings of being alone in Florence, to the anxiousness that comes with getting to know someone. 

“Nick remembers walking around the city for hours and feeling the weight of its history very intensely. The city center is this network of narrow alleyways, and in the late afternoon, the streets have a smoky orange glow and the old stone buildings reverberate with the echoes of indistinct voices. It felt incredibly beautiful yet also incredibly lonely.” 

If you’re a fan of The Cure, Wire/Colin Newman, The Wipers, Mission of Burma, New Order, or Modern English, then I would definitely recommend giving Adult Books a listen! 

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