New Single From Foley Is Better Than Chocolates, “Better Than Love”

Foley couple Ash Wallace and Gabriel Everett gaze moodily into the camera

After topping the charts as #10 for NZ Albums and earning a nomination for the APRA Silver Scroll Award for outstanding song writing, dynamic pop group Foley is ready to take on the world. Their latest single, “Better Than Love,” uses smooth female vocals mixed with mellow electric guitar to create a melting soundscape. This track is the last sneak peek at their upcoming EP, Vacation.

Loving The Idea Of Love

Listeners may groan their way through another Valentine season, but this group makes it more bearable with their unflinching honesty. Foley is well-known for their lyricism, and “Better Than Love” does fans proud. It addresses the idea of falling in love with the act of loving rather than with a single person. Female lead Ash Wallace croons, “Can you stay as my crush, ‘cause the thought of you is better than love.” The group admits that sometimes undying love can be a drag in comparison to the shallow butterflies of liking someone you hardly know.

Foley honors the idealization of love we often have when meeting someone new before we discover their flaws and shortcomings. Rather than shaming human nature and implying people prefer shallow relationships, the track emphasizes the beauty of simplicity and the attraction of mystery.

Foley Brings The Funk

Contrary to the gentle dreaminess that builds “Better Than Love,” Foley is the artist you play when you want to dance. They layer delicate vocals between a slapping bassline and unique electronic samples. Their previous EP, On My Conscience, is filled with elements of disco and coquettish attitude. It was well received in New Zealand circles well beyond their home in Auckland.

Before you go, watch Foley’s stripped-down version of “So Personal” to prep you for the release of Vacation on March 12th.

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