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Freddy Angel

There is a part of everyone’s brain that is meant for the Arts.  More often than not this little slice gets overshadowed by outside influences pushing an individual into our business based society.  When someone reaches into this artistic mind great things can be developed.  Our recent find Freddy Angel has shown he can reach into many different sides of the Art world.

The independent electronic music producer and vocalist was born in New York City but soon moved to another highly artistic place in Miami, Florida, where he currently resides.  Growing up there, Freddy Angel studied advanced Arts and also played the french horn and trumpet in school.  The highly influential look of Miami drew him into the fashion world as well where he became a well-known multimedia fashion blogger.  

The passion for producing electronic dance music was born in 2004, when he first heard the fast paced rhythm and beats of big beat and drum ‘n’ bass genres.  Freddy Angel was hooked and put his head down and got to work.  His debut album “Beyond These Stars” was released on February 7, 2008, and is currently still available on iTunes, Spotify, etc.  

The Music Stayed Low In Freddy Angel’s Mind

It has been a long 8 years since but this past February, Freddy Angel launched his new EP “Sound of The Dark Cloud”, reflecting his maturity as an artist.  The lead single off the record is “Don’t Jump”.  



It is a spacey electro rocker that grabs you from the first notes.  The innovative synth sounds seem to come from every angle as they envelop the listener.  The production skills are high here as the music bounces around the sonic space.  There seems to be a dark tone running through the track which takes the mind to an interesting place.  

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