Dreezy & Jeremih Bring Summer Party Atmosphere


The feel-good vibes are in the air with Dreezy’s video premiere of her hit single, “Body.”

Featuring chart-topping singer Jeremih, the track’s catchy rhythmic beat is a reminder that carefree, summer living is finally here — and it’s time to put all the stress on the back burner.

Dreezy Comes Through with Feel-Good Summer Track

The video itself features Dreezy and Jeremih letting their inhibitions go at a house party, with Dreezy clad in high waisted shorts and Jeremih donning black aviators, perfect summer attire. Although the scene is dark, the neon pink lighting and red solo cups set a vibrant mood for a good party.

That seems to be the principal theme here — party. With lyrics like “Keep it a hunnid boy I know that you want it / Another round won’t remember in the morning / Got on your shirt, put in that work / Until you clock out,” Dreezy and Jeremih set a seductive tone that illustrates the typical temperament of an after-hours affair. With drinks going around, bodies grinding, and palms flailing up in the air, Dreezy’s “Body” elevates the listener’s state of mind and brings him or her to a place of nonchalant bliss.

The beat of “Body” is somewhat intoxicating; using synth beats and snares, the tempo resembles a Caribbean beat that needs to be danced to. The soft synth notes are almost cute in tone, matching Dreezy’s approachable melodic vocals. There is an undeniable chemistry between Jeremih and Dreezy, which only amplifies the sultriness of the song’s video.

The real star of the track, though, is the incredibly catchy chorus. With Jeremih singing, “Yo body on my body baby / I’m about to catch a body in here baby / I love the way you grind on me / Said I’m about to catch a body in here baby,” listeners can find themselves effortlessly singing along — or at least trying — to the easy-going lyrics, making for a radio-ready tune.

And that’s exactly what “Body” should be appreciated for — it’s a feel-good track to blast on the radio or at a party. It doesn’t take itself too seriously — it’s merely grooving along to the heady beat — and you shouldn’t either.

Both Dreezy and Jeremih manage to create a radio-friendly tune that exemplifies the sound of the summer: carefree, seductive, and just trying to have a good time.

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