Geoff Bradford Gives The Skinny on ‘Seven Fat Years’

Geoff Bradford

As we all live our lives, we are gaining a multitude of experiences and influences. As artists, it is our purpose to take what we absorb and create something for the world. The ability to do this is something we all need to work on but it is our gift. Our recent discovery Geoff Bradford has had many experiences throughout his life and has now reached the nexus and is ready to share.

Originally from the musical hotbed of New York City, the singer-songwriter and bass player lived a life of adventure. Geoff Bradford grew up around the world with stays in France, Switzerland, Venezuela, and Liberia. This wide range of cultures fueled his love for language, traveling, and connecting with people. This is all ingrained into his music.

After returning to the United States, and NYC specifically to pursue a music career, Geoff Bradford had the realization that so many young artists do. A career in music is not easy or guaranteed. He eventually married, moved to Pennsylvania, had 2 kids, and settled into a career in IT. This was a satisfying life but the call of music never dies. Now years later, he is based in Austin, Texas at a much less demanding point in his life. Music can be a focus once again.

This past November saw Geoff Bradford release his sophomore EP Seven Fat Years. The 4 track album is a freeform expression in the psych rock genre. His unique style merges elements of psychedelia, jazz, and post-punk among other experiments. 

The lead single off of Seven Fat Years is the enigmatic “Roger Did The Smart Thing.” A pulsating beat keeps the track moving forward as exotic melodies grind away on bass and synth. Somehow as all this is going on, a solid rock track emerges. The title track “Seven Fat Years” continues this trend with a song that mesmerizes as it pounds along. Then adds a sultry sax solo to truly fry your mind. Bradford has something here.

Another direction is taken with “Gabrielle.” It is a much mellower track, perhaps even on the ballad side. The lyrics tell a full story without the use of much instrumental melody at all. Could this even be considered spoken word? The chorus is catchy though and will have you humming along. The experiment is working.

The record closes with “The Party”, a combination of all the elements Geoff Bradford has previously introduced. Sultry Jazz influenced keyboards add another layer to the fun experience. The storytelling is direct and truly intriguing. Almost like reading a great book that you want to read over again to understand it all.

If you are ready for an exotic adventure, I highly recommend you check out Geoff Bradford and his music for yourself HERE

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