Geographer EP Alone Time Featuring single ‘Read My Mind’


Geographer will release his new EP, Alone Time, on April 13. The EP is about loneliness: from haunting late-night thoughts to everyday questions, Geographer gives his listeners a deeper look into his mind. His tracks aren’t only about love and relationships, but also about family and the struggle of grieving and loss.


You’ve heard the synthy track “Read My Mind,” which Geographer released via Nylon, and later on Earmilk for the debut of the song’s neon music video. This sweet love song is a wish that his love could read his mind so she would know how he feels about her.


Geographer’s EP Alone Time is composed of six other songs in addition to “Read My Mind”.


“Why do I feel so low?” Geographer asks, in what is probably his most relatable song, “So Low”. He explains how he’s dancing on the ceiling and having himself a day, but he still feels down in the dumps. “I used to be dreaming / How did I get so low? / I got what I needed / Why do I feel so low?” He explains the feeling of wanting more, even though what you thought you wanted was right in front of you.

“Something’s Missing” hits on a similar theme as “So Low,” delving into loneliness of everyday life and relationships. Other tracks include the soprano-heavy “Foolish,” the sensual “Alone Together,” the heartbreaking “Is It Ever Enough,” and the soft-rock ballad “Lonely.”


From Jersey to SF


New Jersey native Mike Deni, aka Geographer, left home after multiple deaths in the family and headed for San Fransisco. After a few months, Deni had turned his hard times into music with the help of a synthesizer he found on the street. He originally got his start by playing clubs in the city, but a short six years later he sold out Filmore, headlined the 2,300 seat theater, and eventually sold out shows all over the U.S. Although his songs are based on his loneliness, Geographer has said he truly feels alive during his concerts with all his fans.


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