Gerry Stanek Pours Out The Raw Energy on ‘Heart In Peril’

Gerry Stanek

Being a musician usually pairs with a love of music. Not just the idea of creating it but a true love for the amazing things that an artist can do by mixing an assortment of sounds together. The creation of music is a magical feat that needs inspiration. Our recent discovery Gerry Stanek has that obsessive love for listening to music and pours that into creating his own unique sound.

After a life full of touring and trucking, the singer-songwriter has settled down in Greensboro, North Carolina for the next phase of his life. Growing up, and obsessing, on such artists as Rockpile,Elvis Costello, JD McPherson has given Gerry Stanek the passion to create his own similar style. The passion and raw energy that was embedded in his musical mind is now forming original works for him to introduce to the world lacking that attitude. He says, “The only answer, at least for me, was to make my own songs to see if I could capture that thing I love so much.”

In early 2021, the inspiration started to come together for his Heart In Peril album. An authentic roots rock record full of smart lyrics and raw energy. Opening up with “Twirling A Finger In Your Hair” sets the tone of fun storytelling songs with an energy that will have you bopping along uncontrollably. The title track “Heart In Peril” is a perfect raw roots track. A simple strummed acoustic guitar sets the backdrop as a passionately delivered vocal leads the way. The energy builds throughout just as Gerry Stanek likes it. 

Official Video for ‘Heart In Peril’ by Gerry Stanek

That raw energy comes at you full force on “Learned To Love” as crashes of sound fill the speakers. Simple pounding drums and a straight bass line pulls the listener to that dark corner of the bar to see what is happening. The draw of the realness of the sound is undeniable. The speed picks up on “I Got My Wings.” A fast-paced two-step gets the heart pumping as Gerry Stanek lets the engaging lyrics flow. Some interesting guitar and piano fills add to the aesthetic. 

The Heart In Peril album closes just as it started with the raw energy of “Like The Future.” The catchy beat will keep you moving as the start-stop guitar lets the vocals punch their ticket. You will find yourself replaying the record to take in all the stories again.

Dive into more real and raw roots rock with Gerry Stanek HERE.

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